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Church Bingo for Raising Funds

Church Bingo for Raising Funds
The very popular game that we today know as Bingo has its origin beginning somewhere in the 1530s. It was the game started as an Italian lottery and was called Lo Giuoco del lotto d’ Italia. Since its inception it is held every Saturday. With its popularity it has grown over the years and reached all over the world and is now known popularly as Bingo. The game of bingo is simple and easy to play. It does not have any complicated rules and regulations. One can easily try their luck and earn a good amount by playing bingo. Bingo is also played from the point of view of socializing with the people in the bingo halls and other places where it is played. Church Bingo was the idea of a priest who was from Wilkes – Barre, Pennsylvania. He thought of using the means of bingo to find the solution to the financially ailing church. Bingo was used to raise money for the various charitable activities of the church. Though at that time there were only 24 unique cards of bingo to play with, it created many winners in each game. Thus the priest approached Lowe the promoter of bingo to develop more combinations of the card. As Lowe realized that the game of bingo can be quite lucrative in fund raising he took the help from a math professor called Carl Leffler to produce around 6000 unique combinations. Thus the use of more number of unique cards helped the churches around the country to raise some good funds for them through the game of bingo.

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