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Jackpot Hit at Bingo Mega

Jackpot Hit at Bingo Mega
One of the largest online bingo progressive jackpots at Bingo Mega was getting bigger and bigger and was bound to explode sooner or later.

Wisbech woman wins £23k at bingo
A Wisbech woman picked up the £20,000 national bingo prize plus a further £3,756.05 zone prize and a house prize of £60.90 on Wednesday night when she got a full house in 40 calls. The woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, was playing at Wisbech’s Empire Theatre Bingo Hall in Blackfriars Road. The bingo hall […]

Mother of Two Hits Online Bingo Jackpot at Glamour Bingo!
Online bingo room, Glamour Bingo, just made another bingo player very happy after the player know as “BlessedBeyondBelief” won the Mid Day Mayhem Jackpot.

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