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We love bingo!

We love bingo!
Bingo was once portrayed as a game for the golden oldies, that perception has however changed dramatically! Now it is a game enjoyed by all ages and all genders! Twenty years ago the average age for a bingo player was in fact in the mid 60’s. Since the addition of the game to the World Wide Web, this fact has changed dramatically. Both the web developments and explosion of bingo into the twentieth century has changed the game in many ways. No longer do players have to drive to the local bingo hall, they can simply open up their laptop and play online. They don’t have to worry about the time they play either; online bingo venues are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Recent research has revealed that bingo is in fact prospering! This year’s figures alone have shown there to be 3.4 million people playing the online pastime, turning over roughly £600 million every year! 20.5% of these gaming fans are aged between 18 and 25; this is certainly a little different to the demographics displayed 20 years ago! Bingo has always been preferred by the female gender, with woman making up almost all of the land based attendees. The online gaming venues however are a little different. Woman still take up the majority of the players yet men are becoming more and more interested in online bingo gaming.

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