Texas Holdem Tips

Aggression is very important in poker, this really goes without saying. However aggression isn’t the be all and end all of the game. There is a sort of evolutionary process that all poker players go through from novice through to expert level and how they treat aggression often indicates the evolutionary stage that they are at. Novices for example are simply not aggressive enough and this is why many of them fit into tight-passive or loose-passive styles of play. When players become more and more educated then they increase their levels of aggression and become more aggressive when they realise the importance of aggressive play.

However as always in poker there is a balance that needs to be found because if you are not careful then it is all too easy to slip into overly aggressive play. There are various names that abound the poker world for these types of players and maniacs and LAG tard’s are just two of them. There is no doubt that aggression wins pots in poker but you have to remember that in games like no-limit hold’em then the player who wins the most pots doesn’t often win the most money.

This is totally different to games like limit Texas Hold em where winning the most pots is a good barometer for who wins the most money in any one session of play. But because the pot size can be so diversified in no-limit play then winning frequent pots isn’t as critical. What you are more concerned about now is not making big errors and simply waiting for those big home runs that come along every so often while in the meantime not making the big errors that hand that money back after you get it or dig yourself into a hole before it comes.

Remember that when you are being very aggressive in poker then you are mainly doing so with some very weak and marginal holdings. This means that you are essentially hoping that players will fold but yet different types of players call for different reasons and so ultra aggression is hard to get away with for long periods. For instance smaller stacks will be able to get all in easier and will be harder to bluff. Weak players may simply call you down with a moderate hand. Good players may bluff raise you or call you because they are heavily bankrolled. Multi-tabling players could click the call button by accident or players just notice that you are being too aggressive. Hit and run merchants could out muscle you and take even more of your money and so forth.

If you say at this stage that you would adjust then what if you are multi-tabling? Could you remember everything that you have done on which table and when and against which configuration of players? When you play a LAG style poorly then your game is far more easily exploitable. You are playing more hands and raising more often and so leaving more patterns to your play.

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